Republicans Still Love Trump, Democrats Turn Out For Bernie In March 8 Primaries

Hello and a primarily happy Wednesday! Last night, voters in Michigan, Mississippi, Idaho, and Hawaii voted in the primaries, and there were a few surprises.

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Despite the fact that Hillary Clinton had been polling well ahead of him prior to yesterday’s Michigan primary, Sanders eked out a win by 2 points. Michigan voters, you sly dogs, you.


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Hillary Clinton (I’m sorry, I couldn’t NOT use that picture) won Mississippi by 67 points. OUCH. Michigan has more delegates, but Clinton came out ahead overall, winning 86 delegates to Sanders’ 69. Go get ‘em, Hil.


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John Kasich was projected early to be giving a strong showing in Michigan, which borders on his home state of Ohio, but wound up taking third. Womp womp. At least he beat Marco Rubio!

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That, friends, is the face of a man who won nothing. Literally. Marco Rubio gained no delegates yesterday. My hunch is that he and Kasich are treading water until next week, when winner-takes-all primaries will take place in their home states. If Rubio and Kasich can take Florida and Ohio, it’s possible that the Republican nomination will go to a brokered convention. The way things are looking, though… eh.

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Ted Cruz won Idaho! NO, YOU DA HO. Cruz is somehow managing to stay juuuuust in reach of Donald Trump’s delegate count — Cruz has 359 to Trump’s 458. We’ll see how those winner-takes-all contests go next week; we could be Cruz-in’ pretty soon.

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Donald Trump won Hawaii, Michigan, and Massachussetts, but not by the jaw-dropping margins he has in the past. Is the Trump train slowing down? We’ll find out next Tuesday!

In the meantime, United States territories will be voting. The Virgin Islands, the Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, and the District of Columbia will be heard!

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