New Dadbod Ken Is Here To Save Boys From Low-Self Esteem

In the grand tradition of celebrating men as much as possible during Women’s History Month, Nikolay Lamm recently decided to launch a “fashion doll” for boys, taking the body positivity movement to dudes.

The artist and researcher launched Lammily, his average-proportioned girl doll, in 2014, ushering in an era that made people take notice of how oddly shaped most gendered toys can be. The Lammily doll (and others like it) helped shine a light on very real issues often triggered by unrealistic beauty ideals, and may have even been somewhat responsible for the recent changes Mattel made to Barbie.

The Boy Lammily hopes to do the same thing for boys:

The jokes in this video are cringeworthy (“He may not have a six pack, but he has an awesome sense of humor”) but the message is worthwhile. Get this dadbod doll into production!