Mitt “Mittens” Romney Claps Back at Mean Tweets From Trump Supporters

Who knew Mitt Romney had a secret talent as a saucy clapback queen inside him all this time?

Romney appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and took part in the show’s legendary Mean Tweets game, where he read real tweets about himself from people who despise him. It sounds like a terrible high school hazing but usually results in being pretty funny, and Romney didn’t disappoint. A few gems include Romney capping on Trump University, and pointing out “It’s true, I lost” when someone tweeted “Mitt Romney=loser”.

What have we come to as a nation when Mitt Romney not only looks like a moderate by comparison, but is also revealed to be the funniest member of the GOP we’ve seen in ages? This is cats and dogs, living together, total chaos territory.

Romney got serious at the end, though, about the fact that Trump needs to get out of the race. I resent the use of any humor that makes me agree with ‘Ol Mittens, but he ain’t wrong.