There Is Now A Beautiful Mural On Staten Island Dedicated To Big Ang

In what I imagine was one of the most incredibly loud and booze-filled and loving memorial ceremonies to date, a mural in memorial of the late Mob Wives (and later star of her own self-titled show) Big Ang was unveiled. The mural of Angela “Big Ang” Raiola is featured on the side of  her younger sister Janine Detore’s baby clothing shop, Country Mouse.

Now whenever Staten Island neighbors or New Yorkers of all stripes feel a tinge of sadness for the passing of one of the most unabashedly outspoken and open minded women to grace our collective pop sensibilities, they can go to the side of Country Mouse and blow a kiss or take a shot in honor of Ang, preferably both.

This is a beautiful and colorful memorial to a distinctively beautiful and colorful woman.

CREDIT: Instagram