The Game Of Thrones Trailer Is Far Too Chintzy With The Jon Snow Dish

The trailer for Season 6 of Game of Thrones is finally here…and for some reason it is scored with a version of Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game! Which seems sort of inappropriate with all the medieval garb, but OK!

Rumors that Jon Snow may not really be dead have persisted since the end of Season 5–and Kit Harrington confirmed yesterday that he will be appearing in Season 6. But to what end? We can’t tell! Because all we see here is his corpse. Personally I’m betting on him playing his own twin brother, or maybe having somehow faked his own death, or being resurrected by Melisandre somehow or something? Or maybe there will just be some Golden Girls-style flashback episodes he appears in. Who knows?

Also, Cersei is taking on the Faith in a Twiggy haircut, Daenerys appears to be in some kind of trouble, Tyrion’s plotting some shit, Bran (Bran!) is chilling with the Night’s King, and of course, the promise of boobs and hot lesbian makeout sessions.