Pornhub Data Shows That Canadians Love Lesbians, Québecois Love Québec

Pornhub released infographics about the most-used search terms in Canada, and it turns out that Canadians love lesbians! Except for Québec, where Québecois pride apparently still runs high:

canada, pornhub, search terms, porn

Yes, the most-searched term for porn in Québec is “Québec.” But what about relative search terms, i.e. the highest-searched term in comparison to other provinces? It’s still “Québec”:

canada, search terms, porn, quebec

Also, can we have a chat about the Yukon, where the most popular term overall is “cartoon” and the highest relative search term is “tickling”? Are you ok, Yukonians? This makes me feel very, very hesitant to visit western Canada.

Note that the maritime provinces are the freaky-deakiest of all of them, with popular relative search terms like “facesitting” and “bondage.” Wave your freak flag high, Prince Edward Island!

Since we’ve all decided to move to Canada in the event of a Trumpocalypse, this is obviously very handy information to have about our new neighbors. Perhaps we can greet them with a lesbian-themed erotic cake.


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