Will Mother’s Day Be The Worst Movie You Watch On A Plane Next Year?

Director Garry Marshall never met a holiday he didn’t want to make a sprawling ensemble comedy about, so why should Mother’s Day be any different? The trailer for Mother’s Day premiered about a month ago, but let’s face it — we were all busy arguing about The Revenant to care about this parade of ultra-white folks having major #momfeels. This poster is just the latest trickle of publicity, but it stood out because Julia Roberts is wearing a terrible wig and everyone is Photoshopped even more than usual.


Roberts appears as a Career Lady, Jennifer Aniston is a Frazzled Single Mom, Jason Sudeikis is a Sensitive Single Dad, Kate Hudson is Someone With Mom Issues Or Whatever (her mom is played by Character Actress Margo Martindale), and Hector Elizondo is the One Person Of Color Who Offers Wisdom. You can bet your bottom dollar that Sensitive Single Dad will prob end up dating Frazzled Single Mom based on their supermarket meet-cute, and then there’s a thing with Career Lady Having Regrets Maybe.

Mother’s Day hits theaters on April 29. Perhaps they were concerned that opening closer to Mother’s Day would mean going up against Captain America: Civil War on May 6, which is totally understandable. Moms love Chris Evans.