Making A Murderer Lawyer Jerry Buting Has A Book Deal

Inadvertent Netflix star Jerome Buting, whose wise counsel on Making a Murderer snagged him and his colleague Dean Strang tons of Internet attention/obsession, is writing a book about his career in the criminal justice system. (DUN DUN!) The book will touch on Steven Avery’s case, but the thrust of the matter will be Buting’s work as a criminal defense attorney and the flawed legal system itself. Viewers of the documentary series were shocked and angered by the events shown in Making A Murderer, but according to Buting, such occurrences are much more common than we’d like to think.

In an official press release from publisher HarperCollins, Buting said, “Beyond the Netflix documentary, there is much more to say about the Avery investigation and trial, its flaws and how they can be seen in other fascinating – if less celebrated – cases that I’ve worked on. Taken together, they show us what is wrong with our criminal justice system. Just as importantly, they provide a roadmap to urgently needed reforms. We all count on the presumption of innocence, and all of us need to protect this bedrock of our society.”

Buting will probably not address Ken Kratz’s confession of being a straight-up dick during the trials of Avery and Brendan Dassey, but we can hope!

Buting and Strang are taking their show on the road this spring, starting with Boston on April 16th.