Kim Kardashian Celebrates International Women’s Day By Clapping Back At Bette Midler On Twitter

Yesterday, Kim Kardashian tweeted a pic of herself naked, save for 2 black bars and a blonde wig (on her head, pervs, not a merkin). As far as Kim Kardashian nudes go, it’s relatively unremarkable, as I feel like we’ve all seen her naked body so many times that it doesn’t even really register as a naked body anymore.

Bette Midler came out of the woodwork, however, to say the following:

She’s not wrong, but also who asked you and also, who cares? While the internet hemmed and hawed and gnashed its teeth about Kim Kardashian’s body and whether or not it’s bad for women and whatever else, Kim took some time away from the computer, like you do, and responded in kind.

Happy International Women’s Day!

  • Queen Latifah wants to be a mom! Her new movie with Jennifer Garner looks pretty terrible! [E!]
  • Shout-out to the makeup artist who sprays Zac Efron’s very buff upper body down with bronzer and baby oil every day he’s on set. [UsWeekly]
  • Maria Sharapova dopes, apparently. Allegedly. So it would seem. [UsWeekly]
  • Chrissy Teigen has “truly never been alone with a kid,” but I’m not worried, because I can’t imagine she will be once she has that child. [People]
  • Why would Blue Ivy be impressedby the Super Bowl trophy? Blue Ivy’s left index finger could buy and sell you. Try again, sis. Try again.

I don’t get it! What’s the big deal?

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