International Women’s Day Hero: Meet This Hella Chill Weed Smoking YouTuber Grandma

Attention: I have found the one true hero of this year’s International Women’s Day! She isn’t an activist, or a politician or a doctor or a pop star leveraging her platform to empower young women. Those women get to be heroes every day (as they should). This woman is heroic in the exact unifying way women of the world need after a long week, month, or lifetime: she is a hero of knowing how to fucking chill. She is a performer and a lover. She is Mary Reitz — aka Weed Grandma.

You can experience the full range of her dabs on her Youtube channel MaryLovesGlass, where she tests out a variety of bongs and pipes that companies send to her, giving viewers the authentic video experience of a woman who only started smoking weed in the last few years, after turning 58.

“I was raised in a family that believed cannabis was just bad. I was a D.A.R.E kid,” said Reitz, before explaining it was her diagnosis of stage three chronic kidney disease that caused a friend to pressure her to go green, “He talked to me for a solid year before I ever tried it, but he finally convinced me to get my son to get me some weed. Before I started smoking, I was depressed, in pain, I had a lack of motivation, I had a hard time sleeping. The cannabis really helped all of that.”

The first video on her channel, which now boasts over 5,000 subscribers, was uploaded on accident and intended to only be sent to her sons, which perfectly sums up her charm. She had been searching the internet for bong tutorials and found the channel of Jane Dro, who sent her a box of weed accessories in the mail and the rest was destiny.

“I taped the opening of my Burnbox to send to my boys as a joke, but I uploaded it publicly to YouTube like an idiot,” said Reitz, “I didn’t know any better! I didn’t know the world was going to watch me. But it took off from there. It was really wild.”

I raise my glass bong to Women’s Day hero Mary Reitz for fucking doing it up and following her weed-scented bliss, not to mention taking care of her illness and feeling better and happier than ever. I’ll happily subscribe myself to join the throngs of honorary internet family she’s adopted.

Here’s grandma getting stoned, so you can get a vibe.