In Honor Of Women’s Day Australia Unveils Female Pedestrian Signal

Happy International Women’s Day! I hope you are kicking your feet up (at least when you’re done with work) and sipping on a strong margarita to celebrate your blossoming womanhood and the strides of progress we are continuing to make! Or you are at least celebrating and supporting the women in your life with margaritas and reflections in surplus.

Although there is a diverse throng of marches and celebrations and events worldwide, of the most unique celebrations of International Women’s Day is taking place in Melbourne, Australia — where they will be instating their first female pedestrian traffic signal.

The traffic silhouette is designed after and dedicated to Mary Rogers, the first woman elected to local government in the state of Victoria, the second in Australia.

The Mayor of the City of Yarra, Robert Colanzi said in a statement:

“Mary Rogers was a Richmond Councillor for almost five years in the 1920s, and she led ground breaking progress in the areas of welfare, education and family issues, initiating the very first community maternal and child health services in Victoria.”

Sadly for all the women and men revved up to follow the traffic lead of this glowing woman (who is rocking a pretty great hat and dress combo), the installation won’t be going up until May and will only be up for a year. I’m hoping her commemorative time inspires a femme traffic light takeover that spreads globally until us pedestrians are following the traffic leads of Amelia Earhart and Harriet Tubman and a decked out Selena.