Creepy Dad Offers Up “Virgin” Daughter In Christian Magazine’s Jobs Section

Most of us have had moments where our parents embarrassed us at one point or another. Some —though thankfully not me —have parents who meddle in their personal lives and constantly try to set them up with potential future spouses. Luckily for us, most will never go this far.

Stephen Stewart, a “Chicagoland church elder, CFO, MBA”, took out an ad in the “employment opportunities” section of Christianity Today magazine…to find a suitor for his “26-year old virgin” daughter, Rachel.

“Her: godly, gorgeous, athletic, educated, careered, humorous, travelled, bilingual, 26-year-old virgin,” read the ad, “You: unworthy, though becoming less so daily.”

Stewart’s daughter, Rachel, only found out about the ad when a reader of her blog tipped her off about it in the comments section.

“At least it’s appropriate they placed it in the Employment Opportunities section because putting up with this father-in-law’s shenanigans is a full time job, without any paid vacation,” she wrote.

However, Rachel says she’s not angry or embarrassed about her dad advertising the status of her hymen in a national magazine, writing “I’m just nervous if this doesn’t work out, next I’ll find my face plastered on a billboard.”

She might not want to joke about this–it’s happened before.



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