Sorry, Barack Obama Will Not Be At Nancy Reagan’s Funeral, He’ll Be At SXSW Instead

South by Southwest lives. South by Southwest will live forever. South by Southwest will rise from the ashes of its sponsored self and live to see another year, because, as the Washington Post reports, President Barack Obama will be there, giving the keynote speech, and skipping Nancy Reagan’s funeral.

First lady Michelle Obama and Democratic presidential hopeful and former first lady Hillary Clinton will attend Nancy Reagan’s funeral in California on Friday, a sign of the enduring power of President Ronald Reagan’s legacy 27 years after he left office.

President Obama will be speaking that day at the South by Southwest conference in Austin.

Barack Obama isn’t over South by Southwest! He’s all about that shit. This is a man who is stretching his legs and enjoying every minute of his senior year, guys. This is a man who is going to stand in line at Franklin’s Barbecue with the Secret Service to get some of that brisket, while Michelle — sweet angel — puts on that black Narciso Rodriguez dress she wears only for state funerals, steps into some kitten heels and nods and smiles in an appropriately mournful fashion while the group text blows her phone up in her purse.

For all of you worrying that Michelle was gonna miss out on breakfast tacos and cheap beer and the chance to jostle strangers to get into the Fader Fort, just like you do, don’t worry. She’ll be there a week after her hubs for her very own music festival rumspringa.