James Franco Is In A Band Called Daddy, They Released A Song, That’s All!

Very important FrancoWatch update: he’s in a band called Daddy with a man named Tim O’Keefe, and surprise, they have a new song! It’s called “Gentle But You Weren’t,” and it’s a cloudy, piano-fueled vessel through which Franco can echo his desires for highschoolers who truly understand his nature as a  Renaissance man.

Their full debut album Let Me Get What I Want (yes, that’s what they named it) will be released March 18th, and we can only hope it will be as full of Franco’s poetry as that video he made of himself dressed as Walter White banging himself dressed as Carrie Bradshaw, which is modern poet laureate material if I’ve ever seen it.

Have a listen to this track here, and see what images it stirs up for you personally. Hopefully for your sake, they don’t involved Franco and Rogen doing their played-out shirtless bits.