Zara Launched A Genderless Fast Fashion Line This Weekend

Someone at Zara answered my prayers and decided it’d be a great idea to have a unisex fast fashion line available for those of us who can’t afford either American Apparel (for which I have endless love but not endless money) or the cost of tailored clothes, but who don’t really want to be boxed into “men’s” or “women’s” clothes — and for those of us who just don’t really want a gendered silhouette. It’s called “UNGENDERED,” it’s all basics, and it’s a step forward both for people who like aggressively neutral clothing and for people living outside of the gender binary, and it’s a jackpot for people like me, who fall into both categories.

Check out how the clothes look on assigned-female bodies in the gallery below, and take a look at the full line on Zara’s web site.

[h/t Who What Wear]
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