Siri Is Real: A Full-Blown Female Robot May Be Coming To Your Workplace

In what is an unsurprising but somewhat terrifying recent marker of scientific progress, inventor Nadine Thalman has just created a lifelike female robot, appropriately named Nadine, that can produce eerily humanlike facial expressions while navigating the world with the same efficiency and charisma of Siri.

Nadine was developed at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, where she was supplied with similar intelligence software to the widely beloved Siri, and has been initially considered as a potentially groundbreaking care taking resource for patients suffering from dementia and Alzheimers, who require constant interaction and surveillance.

Much of the focus with Nadine’s development is that she be an emotionally intelligent robot, well-versed in the ability to simulate humanness through story telling, laughter, game playing and listening. With these skills developed her potential to be a good caretaker is high, as well as the possibility to serve as a helping force in more corporate workplaces.

It’s exciting to consider the positive possibilities this technology can afford, but also slightly alarming to imagine the outsourcing of empathy-heavy work to machines.