Geena Davis, Who Is The Best, Will Star In The Exorcist TV Show

You know who is not in enough things these days? Geena Davis! I’ve given some amount of thought to this, given the fact that Thelma and Louise, A League of Their Own, Beetlejuice, and Earth Girls Are Easy were all staples of my childhood movie-watching.

However, that is all about to change, as Ms. Davis will be gracing us all with her presence in Fox’s television series based on The Exorcist, playing Angela Rance, a “naturally beautiful, regal, and proud” “weighed down by stress, [but] does everything she can to stay positive and keep her faith even though her family is currently struggling.”

This is our first clue that the series is not actually based on the book or the movie–as the “mother” character (played by Ellen Burstyn) in those was Chris MacNeil, described by Wikipedia as “a famous actress temporarily living in Washington, D.C., with her daughter. She is an agnostic and has a quick temper but is also a loving mother. When Regan displays strange behavior, Chris experiences an emotional breakdown and tries to find help for her daughter, consulting neurosurgeons, psychiatrists, and finally a Catholic priest.”

I have questions as to how they can turn this into a series lasting more than one season, as I imagine that would mean that people would just have to be getting continually possessed and exorcised–however, I love The Exorcist and I love Geena Davis so I will definitely be watching this.