ASOS Debuted A Wedding Shop Today

Heads up, wedding-havers and dress-wearers (I so do not want to say “brides-to-be,” because yech): ASOS is making your life about ten times cheaper with an online bridal salon.

The ASOS Wedding Shop debuted today, and, of course, features affordable wedding wear for brides, grooms, and guests, with wedding dresses ranging from about $110-$600. I will warn you, there’s a lot of lace. It’s not my thing, but maybe it’s yours!

Check out some of my favorites from the ASOS Bridal section:

The great thing, too, is that even if you want to wear, say, a black wedding dress, ASOS has their regular selection to browse through, too.  Point is, if you’re trying to get married without going broke, ASOS has your back.
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