New Ghost-Like Octopus Discovered 4,000 Meters Under The Sea

Scientists recently came upon a brand new ghost-like octopus species on the floor of the Pacific Ocean near the Hawaiian Islands.

The machine that discovered this little fella is called the Deep Discoverer, a deep-diving robot that travels with National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration’s Okeanos Explorer.

The robot was able to go 4,000 meters below the sea to find him – deeper than any other deep-sea octopus sightings.

Some cool facts besides this cutie pie’s sheer color are the octopus’s suckers: he has one instead of two series of suckers which is unusual. Its ghostlike appearance occurs in other very deep sea creatures, because they lack pigment cells.

Here’s a short video of the new species just hanging out near the core of the Earth!

Human scientists haven’t been able to touch the little guy yet but maybe one day he’ll rise to the surface and pay us a visit?

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