‘Project Consent’ Uses Cute Animated Genitals To Promote Consent Culture

“Consent is complicated” – that’s the message we receive every day because we live in rape culture. But really, it’s not complicated at all and to prove it, the non-profit organization Project Consent has made a wonderful video made out of animated private parts to prove how simple it is.

Their mission is simple as seen on their site:

Much like a doctor must diagnose a disease before treating it, the first step in combating rape culture is raising awareness to the public and promoting an understanding that there is a grievous issue with the way sexual assault is treated in society. The conversation about sexual assault is one that must occur in order for change to take place within all society.

Anything that isn’t “yes” is no and something that simple should not be argued. Leave it to our rape culture to be so ingrained that we need smiley-faced dicks and vaginas to be able to prove it. Because let’s face it, when it comes to sex, our society needs to be taught over again like children.

[H/T Project Consent]