Piss Off The Republican Candidates – Literally – With This ‘Piss Poll’

By this point, the Republican debates and general campaigning involving Donald Trump, Marko Rubio and Ted Cruz, have not only made you want to piss your pants from shock and horror, but you are also probably experiencing chronic diarrhea! But I digress…now you can actually piss your way to freedom from mental torment by peeing into their mouths at a pub in South London which is somewhat aptly named the Three Stags Pub.

The bit is for a satirical TV show in England called The Last Leg where contestants piss into the mouth of who they hate the most.

What’s heartening most about this, is that it’s English people feeling our pain and becoming part of the joint effort to somehow make all of this madness end in America — or at least try and cope with it. Thank you for having our backs, Brits!

But is this just for men, you ask? Not anymore! After several complaints, the staff at the Three Stags Pub took the time to install the same set-up for the ladies room as seen here:

And what’s nice about this is that since it’s a real toilet you can also now shit in there and make it a shit poll. Yeehaw!