These Awesome Women Are Suing To Block New York’s ‘Tampon Tax’

Five women filed a lawsuit Thursday against New York’s tax department and its commissioner, Jerry Boone, in hopes of stopping the 4% “luxury tax” on feminine hygiene products. Margo Seibert, Jennifer Moore, Catherine O’Neil, Natalie Brasington, and Taja-Nia Henderson’s combined complaint cites that guidelines published by the taxation department in 1998 and 2014 classify tampons as “general merchandise.” This means that they are not eligible for the”medical supplies” tax exemption and women should be pissed.

“There can be only one explanation for the Department’s decision to tax tampons and pads but not Rogaine, dandruff shampoo, foot powder, chapstick, and so many other less medically necessary products also used by men…[these products] are used by women only,” the lawsuit states. These are the same women of NYC who pay an estimated $14 million in taxes on feminine hygiene products each year, according to the claims. In addition to immediate relief from the tax, the plaintiffs are seeking class action status and “restitution and damages in an amount to be determined at trial.”

Since tampons are categorized by the FDA as medical devices,  I’m personally looking forward to the tax department paying me back from my bloody parts.

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