Laugh/Cry As Women Read Terrible Casting Calls For Female Roles

We’ve known about the Some Lady Parts tumblr for a while, and the #OscarsSoWhite debacle has made it crystal clear that not only are film and television overwhelmingly white, they’re also overwhelmingly male. But hearing sexist casting calls read by the women they’re calling is a whole different kind of experience.

Some of the calls — like “Please only apply if you are of slender build, our performance space is limited” or “Down bitches, starring role in a low-budget R&B video; free lunch” — are so hilariously oblivious that it’s hard to take offense. But some of them are outright hurtful: “Nerdy type of girl; nevertheless she has a boyfriend who loves her” (emphasis mine), “Her cleavage is her best feature,” and “Slightly overweight and considered unattractive in the face; however, she is naturally funny, so people do enjoy her company” illustrate that screenwriters and casting directors can be reductive toward women to the point of cruelty. Her best feature is her cleavage? GTFO.

All of the casting calls are culled from the tumblr Casting Call Woe, so if you want more heartbreak, head on over.


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