Watch John Stamos Read Ridiculous Reviews Of ‘Fuller House’

Last night the (possibly immortal?) man known as John Stamos sat down on Late Night With Seth Meyers to discuss his new shows Grandfathered and Fuller House, but the most amusing part was indisputably when Seth and him went through some of the more bizarre and scathing Fuller House reviews.

Seth gently prefaced their review take down by saying that Full House was never exactly a “critical darling,” to which Stamos tossed his beautiful head in laughter and agreement, adding: “What’s the opposite of darling?”

One of the most bizarre and harsh reviews came from the Washington Post, which said, “There’s a point where nostalgia becomes more like necrophilia.” Which, although somewhat hilarious in its darkness, is an incredibly bleak response to what’s always been a delightfully corny show.

The AV Club said it was “like a porn parody without the porn,” which Stamos quickly corrected, noting there is in fact a Full House porn parody called Full Holes (oh god).

My personal favorite of the slams, and by far the most melodramatic, was the New York Times’ somewhat gothic take on Fuller House highlighting our collective mortality: “The series begins as a family reunion, and becomes a self-conscious, dated. and maudlin reminder of the ceaseless march of time and your inevitable demise.”