This Guy Made A Fake Bomb Out Of A Sex Toy To Rob A Bank

On Thursday, a western Pennsylvania man pleaded guilty to robbing a bank with a fake bomb made out of a sex toy back in June. This likely gently-used sex-bomb was also made with phone wires and duct tape, which are arguably erotic in their own right.

Aaron Stein, 36, was charged with robbery, aggravated assault and making bomb threats at the PNC Bank in Crafton. According to Stein’s attorney, the newlywed was driven to commit the crime after he discovered that $9,000 he invested for his upcoming honeymoon was gone. I’m sure his wife wasn’t super pleased to find out what happened to her vibrator either.

Stein (who underwent a mental health evaluation and will not be sentenced until May 31) may not even trust big banks again after this. We feel you man, at least your mattress will never betray you like this.

[CBS Pittsburgh]