Lady Gaga Can’t Stay Away From American Horror Story

If there ever was a match made in creepy, campy heaven, it’s Lady Gaga and American Horror Story.

During an interview with Z100, the rock star confirmed she’s returning for the sixth season of Ryan Murphy’s Grand Guignol guilty pleasure. This makes total sense, and not just because her glamour puss character The Countess was the best thing in AHS: Hotel. In one episode, her character makes a pit stop at the first season’s so-called Murder House, and Murphy himself has said that all the seasons are interlinked in one way or another. We can only hope Gaga will bring more gross vampire babies, Old Hollywood-influenced costumes, sexy threesomes, and bejeweled pasties to the sixth season. It would also be cool if the male cast didn’t all look like identical J. Crew models next season. Or if the narrative arc made sense and didn’t inevitably go off the rails midway through. But, hey, we’re the suckers tuning in each season!