We’re Gonna Read The Hell Out Of Abbi Jacobson’s New Book

Broad City queen Abbi Jacobson is hard at work on her third book, an illustrated tome that will be published by Viking this October. Carry This Book will imagine the answers to such pressing questions as “How many self-tanning lotions are in Donald Trump’s weekender? What’s inside Martha Stewart’s hand-knit fanny pack? What kind of protein bars does Michelle Obama hide in her tiny clutch at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner?” with accompanying illustrations by Jacobson herself.

The frisson of deliciousness we get from peeking into other people’s purses is probably pretty Freudian, but there’s no denying that pawing through someone’s must-haves is an exercise in trust. Remember that scene in The Breakfast Club when Allison (Ally Sheedy) dumps the contents of her purse for the others to dig through? That shit was no joke.

Given Broad City’s impressive list of cameos, Jacobson has probably had the chance to ask plenty of famous peeps what they’re carrying. Here’s hoping she got Kelly Ripa to spill the beans, at the very least.