Phish-loving Bernard Sanders Is Just Trolling Us Now

Wait, the drummer from Phish is named Jon Fishman?!

The name-is-a-little-too-on-the-nose drummer appeared at a rally in Maine for U.S. senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, probably to help us hacky sack our way back to making America great again, and Sanders couldn’t have been more thrilled.

“Appearing at a rally in Portland, Maine, Sanders spoke about the jam band from his home state Vermont. “Let me thank, I guess, one of Vermont’s heroes who is now transplanted, Jon Fishman. Jon and Phish have made New England proud. They are one of the great bands, have been one of the great bands in this country.”

Never eat the brownies that are being passed around, Bernie! I believe that we might one day elect a president who exists outside of the two-party system, but I will not follow you down this rabbit hole of confirming Phish’s greatness. I WILL NOT, SIR.