Ohio Police Post Pictures Of Found Crystal Meth Saying, ‘We’re Sorry For Your Loss’

When the Macedonia Police Department found $160 of crystal meth in a hotel room trash can, they didn’t take the issue lying down (the beds were too gross). Instead, they posted pictures of the drugs on Facebook, along with a funny lost and found message.

“We are sure this was done as an accident and the PD feels horrible for your loss,” they wrote. “Please contact us, or better yet, come in and see us.”
Unfortunately whoever rented the room did so with a gift card, which should’ve been a red flag. Police have not been able to identify a suspect as a result, but that seems like more of an oversight on the hotel’s part. If these cops are half as good at their jobs as they are at being sarcastic on social media, they’ll find the perpetrator in no time.

LOST!!! To the person or person(s) who left all his/her small baggies in the garbage can at a certain Highland Road…

Posted by Macedonia Police Department – Ohio on Tuesday, March 1, 2016

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