Mexico Responds To Trump: “Under No Circumstance” Will Mexico Pay For A Border Wall

Mexican treasury secretary Luis Videgaray has made the first direct response to Donald Trump’s claim that he would force Mexico to pay for the construction of a border wall, saying last night, “I say it emphatically and categorically: Mexico, under no circumstance is going to pay for the wall that Mr Trump is proposing.”

Videgaray pointed out that there’s no way Mexican taxpayers could foot the bill for a project of that scale (Mexican GDP per capita is about $10,000 to about $53,000 for America, recall). Former Mexican presidents have denounced the idea and Trump’s rhetoric about Mexicans has been roundly and widely criticized in Mexico — no shocker, since the Republican is claiming that the Mexican government is “sending” “rapists” to America.

The GOP, meanwhile, is desperately trying to avoid a Trump nomination come the end of primary season for precisely this reason, but if Super Tuesday is any indication, it appears that voting Republicans are hellbent on seeing their party implode.


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