Lea Michele Sat Behind Beyonce At A Clippers Game And Was Blinded By The Light

Lea Michele recently went to a Clippers game, only to quickly find herself forgetting all about the game when she spotted Beyonce and Jay Z sitting a few rows in front her.

“I think there were basketball players there, but I was at the Jay Z and Beyoncé concert,” Michele said to James Corden in an interview on The Late Late Show. “I don’t really geek out over people, but there’s just something that comes over you, at least with me, when you see Beyoncé. I found myself being like ‘They ordered a vodka soda, they’re drinking it, they just took another sip. She put on her glasses and now she took off her glasses.”

It makes sense, even die hard basketball fans with the slightest working knowledge of Beyonce and Jay Z would find themselves distracted from the game as they voyeuristically gaze upon and theorize about the iconic couple.

I wonder if Beyonce and Jay Z can even sense this anymore. Do they feel the burning eyes of fellow celebrities like Lea Michele, scanning their every move, or are they immune to the huddles of stares that cover them wherever they go? Perhaps the Illuminati has granted them immunity from all the fan-anxiety, in any case, Lea Michele got a good 2-for-1 deal with her Clippers Game/Beyonce sighting.

(Marie Claire)