Kaley Cuoco “Bleeds Feminism,” Which Isn’t A Period Euphemism, But It Should Be

In December 2014, I criticized Kaley Cuoco in an admittedly not very original way for saying that she’s not a feminist (there’s no original way to criticize someone for not wanting to be a feminist, I’ve learned in the meantime), and now I’m going to do the opposite thing and roll my eyes hard at her for telling Redbook, “Of course I’m a fucking feminist. Look at me. I bleed feminism.” I know, I know, celebrities just can’t win. Ready?

eye roll

Yes, I’m using Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as my stand-in. I admire his massive chesticles.

She still doesn’t strike me as knowing a whole lot of what she’s talking about — she cites owning a home and being paid equally to her male costars as evidence that she’s a feminist. What? Benefitting from feminism isn’t the same thing as being a feminist, is it?

Well, it seems that Cuoco has come a long way! We’ve grown in opposite directions. I respect that. I confess that I don’t know what “bleeding feminism” means, unless it means “menstruation,” in which case, I’m bleeding feminism right there with you, Kaley.

Does any of this seem forced or canned? Are we now requiring this of our celebrities? Is this the party line? It doesn’t surprise me that a declaration of feminism seems to be more important than actually doing on-the-ground work toward the best of feminist ideals, but I’m over it, anyway.


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