GOP Lawmaker Arrested After Trying To Lure 14-Year-Old Girl For Sex

Meet Rep. Kyle Tasker (R-Chris Hansen’s Hard Lemonade Storage Facility). He’s a state rep from New Hampshire who sits on the House Children and Family Law committee. He has a 100% rating from New Hampshire Right To Life, and a 92% rating from Koch brothers group Americans For Prosperity. He has voted “nay” on legalizing marijuana on several occasions.

Rep. Tasker was also just arrested this week after trying to lure a 14-year-old girl out to have sex with him at a beach, as well as on charges of “marijuana, hallucinogenic mushrooms, and the drug Suboxone with the intent to sell.” His bail has been set at $250,000.

The Associated Press reports that he had been exchanging inappropriate messages with the girl on Facebook for some time, and was well aware of her age–telling her “girls like you can get me in trouble” when she told him she was 14.

These exchanges involved offering her alcohol and marijuana and trying to convince her to do a three-way with him. Oh, and sending her graphic sexual images, and a video depicting oral sex. He even did this, apparently, during a House committee meeting whilst he was serving the good people of New Hampshire.

When the girl’s mother found out, she reported it to the police, who took over her social media accounts. When Kyle tried to get the girl to meet him on a beach in order to have sex, they showed up instead.

Rep. Kyle Tasker has attracted national attention for his Facebook activities before, after posting the following super hilarious joke about domestic violence victims….


And after commenting that he should be allowed to join the National Black Caucus of state legislators because he likes rap music.

black caucus

Rep. Tasker has yet to resign from office, although it’s hardly surprising that his colleagues are urging him to.

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