When A Young Black Voter Challenged Clinton On Diversity, She Told Her To Go Run For Something

Minnesotans have dealt with their fair share frigidness, but few things top the icy exchange Hillary Clinton had with a young Somali-American voter on Super Tuesday. Capture by NBC News, the tense conversation is one that is uncomfortable, yet important to watch. Whether you voted for Clinton (and will continue to) or not, it displays a tone that’s consistent with criticism she’s received on the topic of race.

While video itself is might be hard to hear, the mood of the conversation speaks volumes. The young constituent appears to be questioning Clinton’s past remarks on diversity, relative to Abdi Warsame, a Somali-American Minneapolis City Council representative. Either she touched a nerve or Super Tuesday made this frontrunner cocky (likely both), things go a lot further than they should’ve. The fact that the Governor of Minnesota Mark Dayton had to put a stop to the madness makes it look even worse.

Clinton caps off the interaction saying, ““Well, why don’t you go run for something, then?” In many cases this could’ve been spun into word of encouragement, but with the cameras rolling the context is right there and it’s not great.

Clinton may end up being the best candidate for many people and the lesser of two evils for others. But the reality is, some people would rather vote for this unnamed young voter than Clinton if given the chance, and watching this video doesn’t help.

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