The TSA Will Not Let You Wear These Awesome Gun Shaped Shoes On The Plane

I don’t know about you, but literally every time I go through security at the airport, I suddenly become very nervous that somehow, something illicit will magically appear on my person, and then I’ll have to go through a whole thing and miss my flight. This is clearly an irrational fear since the closest this has come to happening is when my jar of moisturizer was too big and I had to leave it at the gate–and that time I was actually more weirded out that the moisturizer was a no-no and my knitting needles were fine to take on board. I mean, knitting needles would be far more useful in a fight and/or back-alley abortion than moisturizer would be.


A woman was stopped recently by the TSA at¬†Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport because her shoes had gun-shaped heels and were decorated with faux bullets, as were her bracelets. Luckily, they were in her carry-on luggage so she didn’t have to go barefoot once they were confiscated, but it’s tragic to lose such an exciting pair of footwear nonetheless.

Although I can’t actually imagine how they would be functional, I can see where maybe you could hide the shoe part in a very large dolman sleeve and make it look like you had a gun and threaten someone with it?

This is actually good to know, since I do have a necklace made of a bullet somewhere in the giant bag of necklaces I’m surely going to get around to detangling this weekend. Also because, despite the fact that I am very much anti-gun, I would wear the hell out of those shoes.

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