The New ‘Taste Of Streep’ Instagram Is A Breakfast Of Champions

Sometimes the best mood-booster¬†is to skim photos of one of Hollywood’s most legendary living actresses Photoshopped into various snack foods. Luckily, thanks to this new Taste Of Streep Instagram, you can do just that!

Obviously, this Instagram is dedicated to fusing some of Streep’s most iconic on-screen and off-screen looks with delicious beverages and snacks that will leave you wondering if you’re more of a film fan or a potential cannibal? Or maybe both?!

This avocado toast has a net worth of millions of dollars, which honestly isn’t that far off from most avocado toast.

CREDIT: Instagram

This chicken photo leaves me emotionally conflicted. Seeing Meryl look that chic while also part of some fried chicken is difficult since I can’t be within 100 feet of a chicken without somehow being covered in sauce.

CREDIT: Instagram

I haven’t even eaten breakfast yet and now I’m inspired to eat dessert and watch an Oscar-winning film tonight.

CREDIT: Instagram

Honestly, if you’re feeling sad or hungry or confused about what you need in this life, I think it’s always a safe bet to scroll through some bizarre photoshops of celebrities-as-sandwiches, or in this case, Meryl Streep as fried chicken.

(Marie Claire)