Ru Paul Explains The Difference Between Drag Queens And Trans People, Throws A Little Shade

The fabulous Ru Paul accurately but a little tiny bit shadily explained some of the differences between drag queens and trans people, as she understands them, on The Real today. He told the hosts, “Drag is really making fun of identity. We are shapeshifters. We’re like ‘okay, today I’m this, now I’m a cowboy, now I’m this.’ Transgender people take identity very seriously – their identity is who they are.”

Which is true and fair! And, of course, being trans and very serious about your own identity can coexist with being a drag queen and poking fun at the idea of gender in general. But then, she added: “I come from the school of I will do whatever I want to do, at any time, and change – whatever!”

I see you, Ru. Drag Race has had some run-ins with the trans community in the past — for using terms like “tranny” and “she-male” — and Ru has consistently acted like he is just so over it.

Still, it’s a free country and Ru has used that freedom to be a fierce advocate for gender non-conforming people, regardless of her lack of damns to give about being sensitive with her words. Werk, Ru!


[h/t PinkNews]

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