Barf Bag Collecting Is A Legit Hobby, In Case You Didn’t Know

Among the fascinating things you’ll learn today is the fact that some people collect barf bags. Fun! No, actually, fun: Apparently a lot of European airlines make jokes with their barf bags, à la one Finnaviation bag that depicted a reindeer vomiting ice cubes.

We don’t know about this here in the states, because, as one collector told the Wall Street Journal, “North America is a bag desert. The American air carriers just don’t treat their passengers right. You either get a plain bag or no bag at all.” So I guess the second new and interesting thing you will learn today is that the concept of “barf bag deserts” exists.

But it’s true that we have extremely low-quality barf bags in America. When’s the last time you really examined one of those things? It’s impossible that they could actually hold the contents of my stomach. I feel like if I barfed into a barf bag, it would probably shoot straight through the bottom and onto my feet.

Personally, I collect rocks, which have the disadvantage of not being printed with charming slogans and not being particularly rare (not the rocks I can afford, anyway). I think I can see the appeal of the barf bag. There’s something for everyone, right?


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