You Can Now Donate Your Break-Up Relics To The Museum Of Broken Relationships’

Although it’s difficult to truly objectify our sadness after a breakup or a loss, there are always those nostalgic items that trigger a cry-fest: that DVD that makes you think about your first snuggle with your ex; the deflated bath-toy that spirals you into a thousand sad memories; a jewelry piece they gave you on your anniversary that symbolizes the faith you had in that relationship. But can the significance of these personal keepsakes translate to other people? Is there a way for these objects to effectively communicate to other people the emotions we place on them?

The  Museum of Broken Relationships in Los Angeles seeks to explore those very questions. Slated to open in May, the idea was inspired by the original Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagrab, Croatia, which was started in 2003 by the artists Olinka Vištica and Dražen Grubišić after the dissolution of their two year relationship. The idea started as a traveling exhibit where people could donate relics of their past relationships, and turned into a full blown established museum in 2010.

When it officially opens in spring, the Los Angeles branch will follow in the steps of accepting emotional artifacts from the public, each relic will include a short story or anecdote (as much or little as the submitters desire) but the actual names involved will remain anonymous. If you feel your inspiration or romantic nostalgia piqued, you can fill out the form here and donate.