Town’s Public Restroom Closes After Man In Wedding Dress Propositions People For Sex

In what could be a dark alternate ending to Runaway Bride, the small English village of Newton Poppleford, Devon was recently forced to close its one public restroom after there were multiple reports of a man in a wedding dress propositioning people for sex.

Many of the people who encountered the bathroom bride had cold feet, unwilling to open their hearts and loins to spontaneous love.

“I entered the toilet to find a bearded man in his late 50s or 60s wearing a full white wedding dress,” a disturbed man told the police, obviously fearful of a lifetime commitment, “He invited me into the cubicle with him and stated the toilets in Newton Poppleford are a well-known gay haunt.”

The same man claimed the situation was “reprehensible,” which sounds like a typical dismissal from someone who fears love. Maybe if he opened up to the bearded bride before him, he would find a little joy in his life!

Apparently not all the men were repulsed by the proposition, because the bathroom was closed after a rapid increase in men hooking up in the bathroom. Local authorities claim they are still searching for an “appropriate action” to take to prevent this behavior in the future, but I personally think they should embrace the chaos and start supplying bridesmaid dresses.


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