Hillary Clinton Is Apparently A Big I Am Cait Fan

Looks like Hillary Clinton and I have more in common than liberal politics, boobs, and blond hair: We also would be super duper psyched to meet Caitlyn Jenner, as evidenced by the newest trailer for I Am Cait.

In only the briefest of clips, Caitlyn is seen approaching Hillary, who grins like a teenager and yells, “Oh my God!!” at the sight of reality TV’s most simultaneously loved and hated trans goddess. Which is approximately what my reaction would be. Apparently Hillary’s enthusiasm for TV extends beyond The Good Wife, Parks and Recreation, and Scandal and into the delightful morass of E! programming. I feel you, Hil!

Is Caitlyn #ReadyForHillary? Probably not — she’s still an avowed conservative, and has pointed out that transitioning your gender doesn’t mean your politics are required to transition, too. Trans people are diverse in body and mind! Imagine that!

The next season of I Am Cait premieres on March 6, which means that, depending on how today’s Super Tuesday primaries go, it’s possible that we’ll be hearing a whole lot more about both of these lovely ladies in the coming months.


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