We Are All This Australian Boy Who Got Stuck In A Vending Machine

Happy Monday! Are you currently both tired and hungry? If so, you may also relate to this adorable 4-year-old boy in Melbourne, Australia who within minutes of seeing his first vending machine, managed to get his arm stuck in it — all for a chance at a snack.

According to his dad, he “saw the Oreos and the biscuits and other stuff” and reached for them with the rugged abandon of a modern day hero, only to lodge his tiny arm into the machine for nearly six hours. There are few more emotionally relatable quandaries than calling the Fire Department to dislodge you from your attempt an Oreo session.  Luckily the firemen understood they were dealing with a young visionary and reportedly treated him with gentle care, distracting him with cartoons on their phone as they released his arm from the clutches of the machine.

The Fire Brigade’s Steve Watts said, “Look, over the years I’ve attended to several children with their arms in vending machines. This particular one is actually quite heavy duty and a real challenge for us.”

That’s the undeniable power of Oreos and biscuits.