This Football Player’s Penis Came Out For A Quick Chat At The NFL Combine

Chris Jones is a defensive linebacker out of Mississippi State who participated in the NFL Combine this past Sunday. The Combine is a kind of uncomfortable event in which college football players run through a gauntlet of physical activities for scouting purposes. When Jones hit his 40-yard dash, his penis decided it didn’t like the confines of the UnderArmour compression shorts it was wearing, and took matters in its own hands.

You won’t see it until the slow-mo. “Let’s just everybody try to stay upright, people”, says one announcer, after chuckling like a 14 year old boy. “These guys, if they fall — they fall hard and long.”

Yeah, yeah, he’s referring to the fact that Jones slid like he was trying to steal home in an attempt to cover up his penis’s salutations, but you know they know what they’re saying. They saw the tape. Chris! Two pairs of shorts next time, bud.

[h/t Cosmopolitan]