The Original “Damn, Daniel” Video Wasn’t On The Internet For A While; Rejoice

A troll took down Josh Holz’s original “Damn, Daniel” video from YouTube and hacked his Twitter account. I was prepared to call this troll a hero, until I saw what he or she chose to tweet from Holz’s account — a KKK propaganda image. Of all of the endless ways to troll someone’s Twitter account, the troll chose racism. Side-eye forever.

Holz was apologetic about the hack and seems way, way, way more dismayed than I am about the fact that the video is down. Which I guess is understandable, since it made him famous and got him a sweet custom surfboard. You win some, you lose some. The video is back up now, to all of our misfortune.

If I never hear the words “Damn, Daniel” again in my life I think I’ll be inordinately happy on my deathbed for it, and at least for slightly denting the number of “Damn, Daniel”s in the world, I am thankful to this troll. Am I alone here?


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