Kanye West Called Will Ferrell A ‘Living Breathing God’ In This Adorable Twitter Lovefest

It seems that since his cameo in Anchorman 2,  Kanye has developed a soft spot for Will Ferrell which was endearingly expressed in a recent series of tweets lauding Ferrell’s performance in Zoolander 2 and his overall “god status.”

It started with Kanye’s general shout out to the fresh-in-theaters Zoolander 2.

But soon zoomed in on his love and admiration of Zoolander star and comedian extraordinaire Will Ferrell.

When a man who’s repeatedly called himself God gives you god status, you gotta soak the generosity of that compliment up.

This whole loving stream of tweets must feel like a digital hug for Ferrell, I hope he’s screenshotting these for a rainy day.

This is the moment where we collectively think Holy shit, the original Zoolander was made that long ago?!”

Bruce Lee status is saved only for the most esteemed of peers.

I feel inspired to re-watch Will Ferrell’s ouevre in order to truly appreciate what Kanye sees.

Thank you Kanye, for inspiring me to go forth with my day and spread encouragement.