Just A Reminder That Netflix Secretly Hates You

Intrepid Netflix users have been finding ways around the service’s rules for a while now, but Netflix is cracking down. If you’re one of the many Netflix subscribers (or, you know, ahem, friends of subscribers) who uses a VPN to access content from other countries, you’re out of luck — they’re blocking VPNs now.

And if you’re a Netflix subscriber who doesn’t know what a VPN is, it’s a way to create a private network over a public network (like the Internet), and through it, your tech-savvy comrades have been tricking Netflix into thinking that they’re accessing the service from another country. Kicking yourself yet?

Netflix says that they’re working on making all of their content available to all of their users regardless of location, but they’re obviously working even harder to make sure you can’t watch German shows. We know where their priorities lie. Never forget: Netflix isn’t really your friend.


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