To Watch Or Not To Watch? The 2016 Oscars

Hollywood’s biggest awards show is tonight! It’s also the most controversial one to date. Chris Rock is hosting and will most likely skewer these #OscarsSoWhite so we are all caught between a Rock and a hard place — we want to boycott them but we also want to watch Chris Rock do his thing.

Not only that but scheduled to perform are Lady Gaga, Sam Smith, The Weeknd, and Dave Grohl.

The show starts at 7PM EST and maybe a good compromise would be to just watch Rock’s opener and then turn the stupid thing off.

To truly boycott and replace with something much more important – watch Hannibal Burress host a free benefit called #JUSTICEFORFLINT. Outspoken figures like Ava DuVernay and Janelle Monae will be in attendance. The benefit will be live-streamed on Revolt TV so tune in there.

Another option could be to turn off the TV and just hang out on Twitter, where viral hashtags will surely abound including: ##OscarsSoWhite #JusticeForFlint and #BlackLivesMatter

We are all about smart compromises, so have yourself a wonderful Sunday night no matter what you decide. Note that AMC’s Walking Dead is also on so if you want to escape from everything completely, there is that option as well!

[H/T The Verge]