Donald Trump Tweets A Mussolini Quote Confirming He’s A Fascist

Gawker Media decided to throw Trump a raw steak by flinging a series of quotes by fascists at him. Predictably taking the bait, Trump manually retweeted a quote by Mussolini, showing that he doesn’t research things, and also doesn’t give a crap who says “good” quotes that he agrees with.

Kind of disappointing that Gawker was trying to play devil’s advocate in the first place, but they certainly did prove Trump is a fascist idiot nonetheless.

Here is the tweet in question.

Then, this morning after Meet The Press’s host Chuck Todd, incredulously called Trump out on his show saying “Do you want to be associated with Mussolini???” Trump responded defensively regarding the quote, skirting the question and replying with “I stand by a good quote and this is a good quote!” Instead of you know, owning up to the fact that he DIDN’T know it was Mussolini and instead claiming he doesn’t care. How is it possible to be a politician in 2016 and not care that you stand by a statement made by a Nazi adjacent fascist ruler?

Watch the interview here if you dare:

I am now going to continue building my underground lair, where I can escape from civilization because I can’t bear living in an America where all of this is going on.

[H/T Meet The Press]