Watch This Man Find Himself In The Most Emotional Laundry Detergent Ever

Advertisers are masters at picking at our emotions open and revealing the floodgates of feelings beneath the surface all so they can make a buck. Occasionally they manage to effectively manipulate our feelings WHILE promoting a positive and true message, in this case harnessing a father-daughter relationship and the harm of prescribed gender roles in order to sell Ariel laundry detergent.

The father, who in his growing years is now deeply moved and introspective inspires a voiceover that reveals he’s seen the error of his ways during the years he’s spent expecting his wife to do all the housework. Now his daughter is grown-up and the father sees a mirror in his son-in-law who is entitled and unhelpful around the house, his most relevant failure taking shape in his unwillingness to help with laundry.

It saddens the father to see his daughter being taken for granted, but he knows his sadness is hypocritical given his treatment of his wife and the ways kids are conditioned from birth. He swears to do better, to be the change. The camera pans, we are all crying and now inspired to buy Ariel detergent and #sharetheload.