Kim Kardashian West Defends Kanye On Her Blog, Is Over Your BS

Kim Kardashian’s blog is Kanye-riffic today, (probably) in response to the slew of gossip articles about Kanye being crazy or the couple getting a divorce.  It reads:

Loving: My husband
Hating: That people don’t get that Kanye will stand up against the whole world for his creativity and art.
Listening To: “I Love Kanye”
Wearing: Yeezy Season 3 samples I took from the show
Wanting: Everyone to be as honest as Kanye
Watching: Kanye shoot his new video
Reading: Kanye’s tweets

She capped it off with this very clear message:



I mean, personally, I don’t even think Kanye’s tweets need any defending. Have you watched one of his Twitter rants live? It is RIVETING.


But good for Kim! Anyone who seriously thinks the Wests are going to be getting a divorce are outcha, to borrow a phrase that I hope I’m using correctly. Hopefully this settles the issue — for this week, anyway.


[Kim Kardashian West]
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